Hedge Fund

Hedge Fund

The Business.

This hedge fund is a leading Commodities Trading Advisor in the heart of the West End of London. With over $4bn under management the business utilised technology and its own intellectual property to detect trends in the Futures, Equities and FX markets. These trends caused the software to produce signals upon which systematic trading was then performed to place trades in the market with the aim to join the trend and make healthy returns for clients.

The Technology.

This medium sized enterprise relied completely on the proprietary software its developers produced and built in house. Astechs was exposed and worked with the following technologies

  • Java
  • SQL Server
  • Coherence Caching
  • Linux
  • Tomcat
  • SwiftMQ
  • Matlab
  • Geneva Fund Accounting
  • Wombat

Bridging the gap.

Astechs was involved in the entire “System Development Lifecycle” of projects from inception, design, implementation and support. Working with stakeholders to understand the business requirement, Astechs planned, built and deployed the software for use. Astechs was involved in all business areas looking at market data integration, signal generation and execution platforms and the operational “Straight Through Processing (STP)” systems.