A Piece Of London

A Piece Of London

The Business.

A Piece of London helps anyone buy a piece of prime central London property, with small capital outlay (from just £5,000) and with less risk than traditional buy-to-let. A Piece of London brings like-minded individuals together, each making a level of investment that is right for them to crowd fund the purchase of the property. The investor fully owns their share with management of the property run by A Piece Of London

The Technology.

Astechs has built A Piece Of London a marketing website with WordPress. We have utilised leading plugins and themes to build a professional looking site with additional features such as polls, surveys and realtime chat. Standard backup and security measures have been implemented to provide that extra level of comfort for the client along with feeds into Mailchimp where email lists and mailing campaigns are managed.

Bridging the gap.

Astechs has been involved with A Piece Of London from inception working on the entire business and not just technology. We started by analysing the idea, creating a brand and worked on the strategy to prove the business case.  We used our extensive network to create logos, videos, and marketing campaigns as well as building an accomplished website to market to potential investors.

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